Sorry I can’t locate your cheating husband.

One day I get a call asking me if I could find out if an employee showed up for work that day, this employee was in a different office and I had never heard the name before.

I’m on a tech support helpdesk (basically a call center enviroment) I tell them that they should contact the employees manager or HR (I’m initially thinking this is a contracting company or the local welfare office seeing if they showed up for work)

They tell me that they don’t have the managers contact and HR wouldn’t tell them. So they decide to try the IT number. I asked her why HR shut the call down and what her relation to the employee was. She said she was the wife of a cheating husband, I immediately told her that it wasn’t a work related call and giving any contact information would be a breach of privacy. She told me that I was f***in useless and hanged up.

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