Cooking is a womans job, a spectrum

Hi y’all, at the time of these calls, I worked for a food-delivery service. You’d get a box with recipes and (most of the time) matching ingredients on a weekly basis.

I quickly learned that a LOT of our customer-base adhered to a “traditional” approach when it came to cooking.

My colleague and I where doing outbound calls to regular and long time customers who had paused for an unusual amount of time, first my call:

Me: “Hello introduction, script, WHY YOU NO ORDER MORE BOXES?!

Annoyed Mum: “Oh we love your service, it makes my life soo much easier, the problem is, we are a patchwork family, two kids are vegetarian now, two kids hate eating vegetarian, as does my husband and… well, until they get their shit together I decided they can cook for themselves.”

Then, my colleague got this gem:

Colleague:same introduction

Customers mum: “Oh, he isn’t here right now, but he paused because his girlfriend left him, so now nobody cooks for him.”

Co: “Uh, okay, do you know if we can improve anything? Would he like to be able to set more than eight weeks of pauses or …” Cm:interrupting “No, no, he’ll have a girlfriend again before that.”

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