Sometimes, it’s your coworkers who are shitty

Came into work this morning, got all signed on, had some easy calls verifying what services were active, didn’t have to really work…all in all a nice Sunday morning.

Then comes break time. Refill my water bottle to stay hydrated, then go to use the pooper, because when you’re really good at something you should never do it for free.

As soon as I open the restroom door, I am overwhelmed with the odor. Now, our restrooms are okay, they have automatic odor neutralizers, a done for each stall/urinal combo, decent closure on the door frame for privacy, etc. Three urinals, three stalls: two standards and one wheelchair accessible. I feel wary, because we don’t usually have stank, and as I head to my preferred middle stall, I see splatter on the floor in the first stall and then the horror! The Horror!

The middle stall had a gob of diarrhetic shit stuck to the wall above the toilet. The back wall, as well as the floor and walls of the stall were covered. There was effluvia along the gap in the back wall the spread into both the first standard stall and the end wheelchair stall covering both the wall and floor.

Suppressing my gag reflex, I go and grab the boss to show him, and let someone with a higher pay grade deal with this shit. He tells me they’re going to review the security footage for the cameras outside the restroom on Monday to find the culprit, whoever entered last before me gets to have a meeting with HR.

Bossman then had to break the bad news to the cleaning lady, who I’m told cried when she saw the mess. Boss offered to buy her lunch, and see what else management can do for her.

TL;DR shitty coworker dropped a shit bomb/some people are literally assholes.

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