I deserve free service!

For the most part the day has been pretty mundane until I got probably the most entitled old guy.

Call started off with the usual greeting, but I knew the call was going to suck based off the tone. At first I had no idea what this dude was talking about since he mumbled. All I could make out was something about the current balance.

Ok, I can figure this out. Been doing this long enough where if I look at what the customer is trying to do, my mind fills in the blanks. His balance wasn’t due till 11/1 and he had an adjustment of $63 and some change on the account. I go to let him know he’s current and bill isn’t due for a good awhile.

Guess those blanks are more deep potholes because he gets aggro and starts mumbling off he paid $3 whole dollars and that the $66 current balance wasn’t even supposed to be there. Confused, I ask him why he shouldn’t have to pay for service and after reviewing the notes..this guy has been calling in consistently harassing agents to get them to credit majority of his bills and they did it just for him to shut up!

Sure enough, bill history was really weird with random small payments made. Not a single payment that year was what his service actually costs. Somehow this guy thinks just because he got out of prison, a major cell provider should give him basically free service. Isn’t that what Obama phones were for?

I let the donkey ramble on while I go through the history. Month after month agents just cave. Account even had a hot remark from February stating do NOT credit account anymore. Obviously that did no good.

I tell the guy we’ll take care of the issue and placed him on hold. Left my own remark stating he hasn’t been paying his bill like he’s supposed to and if there is a financial issue, he needs to take it with financial services for payment arrangements and NOT be credited service just because he likes to escalate.

Dude got a whopping 0 dollars and 0 cents from me and got transferred. If I don’t get any real discounts off my bill for dealing with idiots 8+ hrs a day beyond $5 and some change off my data package, I sure as hell am not giving this donkey free service just because he thinks he’s owed it. The level of entitlement from this guy was unreal.

Edit: Forgot to mention that this guy’s regular bill was supposed to be a little over $83 a month. If my bill were about $20 cheaper than usual, I’d be content instead of milking the whole bill!

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