Anyone else tired of covering the "team"?

I’ve posted before about my discontentment in other departments for either failing to do their jobs or providing wrong info to customers. At this point, I’ve ceased to give a shit. To me, a team is a cohesive unit and not a disorganized group of jackasses.

We’re trained to represent the company as a whole, but with so many donkeys, I’m done. There were two incidents that made me realize I’ve become more blunt with customers in regards to other department incompetence.

Little backstory: I work with a major US cell company. My department specifically is transferring existing lines into other people’s accounts or creating new ones. Before we can do anything, customer service must fill a release form before transferring a customer. For high call volume, we also take care calls.

These two incidents involve transfer calls.

I’m not sure to be more upset at the customer for rambling in circles making this a 2 hr call or the donkeys who lied. Her request was a simple one. Her father was leaving to another carrier and she wanted to stay. Fair enough, I see she already moved two lines into her name – an iPhone and an Apple watch. All she had left was the iPad.

Transfers of service require a credit check and based off your individual credit, you either pay a security deposit or not. In spite of what any agent will tell you, we don’t have magic waiving properties for security deposits. If a security deposit is waived, it’s done automatically if your credit is a okay enough to not be total trash. When the system does waive a deposit, it only does so if you’re month to month aka no contracts of any sort be it service or device payment.

Here is where the lies begin. This customer tells me she didn’t have pay deposits and was told the $400 one on the iPad could get waived because someone in sales said they can do it. I go to check her account that was opened recently and it’s exactly what I figured. Under the security deposit section of her account, it shows two $400 deposits that were auto waived to $0 because neither line had a contract.

I go to explain to her about the situation and why the tablet had a deposit – %100 that 2 year service contract. Of course none of this was explained at the store nor properly explained by the Telesales agent who has mystic waiving powers in spite of failing to do a follow-up call with the convenient. Somehow the hamster in that internal hamster wheel in the customers head was too obese to keep the wheel turning.

Stores did not mention at all that if your credit is poor, you have to pay a maximum $400 deposit per line if it’s under contract and/or pay any device agreements off in full. Fortunately for her that phone was paid, but that disclosure goes a long way, trust me. In spite of repeating multiple times why the $400 deposit was there, she kept referencing the idiot in sales who is some elusive waive genie.

What was the most insulting is that in spite of her having bad credit requiring that deposit, she bragged about getting a brand new $5k fully loaded Mac recently. If you can afford that and have all this money, why is your credit atrocious? I don’t have a ton of cash and my credit is in the 700’s and growing because I actually care about my credit health.

So yeah, 2 hrs and that tablet was still on her father’s account. I set up a follow-up with that one sales agent to contact her at the customer’s request because F it I can only explain the obvious so many times. I did let a slip up about how stores need to take personal responsibility to do their jobs in providing accurate info.

Also for any store reps out their doing retail: fuck you with that call in to get upgrade fees “waived”. That’s a credit not a waive. A real waive won’t even show up on a customers bill. You commission based sacks of shit. This is relevant only because the customer and I were also chatting about that topic in particular and how her dad’s account had those sudden charges before. No winners in this one. Donkeys as far as the eye can see!

The other incident happened last call of shift, same day.

Whenever I see the 800 national support number in the caller ID, 50/50 it’s going to be some donkey blind transferring the customer. For this reason (depending on how the day is going), I sometimes let the call ring till it drops. This is how little faith Customer Care has with me. Well, unfortunately I still had my phone to auto pickup and had no choice but to take it.

What do I get on the other end? A guy who seemed confused AF with a horrific connection where he robot feedbacks every other sentence. Could barely understand a thing he said. I figure I can still get through this and go to check the authorization form to at least know his name since he was hard to hear.

“There are no transfer authorizations on file blah blah blah” Haaaaaa…son of a bitch. This is why you suck, Care. You mouth breathing donkey of a rep cold transferring the customer without even doing your damn job of releasing the number before transferring. At this point, I was in complete blunt mode and actually said without hesitation “You were transferred from Customer Care and they didn’t even do their job before they transferred you.” I offered to reach out to the account owner to gain access to the account so I can do the release myself and got told the owner was busy at work.

Ended up getting this guy to sales so they can set up a brand new account the customer could later transfer his line to. Jesus man, I’m not kidding when I said I’m no longer covering incompetence. When a store or another department fails to do their job, I’m not sugar coating it. Customers say their service sucks, but in reality sometimes it’s specific agents that suck and I refuse to be lumped in with those donkeys. I tell customers why things are and am no longer holding back to tell them the previous people they spoke with suck.

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