Does anyone’s employer stand behind them when being abused by a caller?

My company forces us to take the abuse. We absolutely cannot hang up on the customer, obviously we can’t and shouldn’t curse back, all we can do is say please stop speaking to me like that. I had to call that was so exceptionally abusive and threatening and violent and I was given a zero call for hanging up.

I worked at a call center a couple of years ago where, if the customers are extremely abusive, the company would block their account completely and send them a letter stating it was due to the abusive one of their employees. I love that policy!

Rant incoming. Just because I answer the phone doesn’t mean that I accept the abuse. Most of the times, I end up laughing my ass off at an irate customer because they’re just so completely ridiculous. But I hate the fact that my company would rather I be abused then stand up for me and give me the authority to end that kind of call.

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