No longer taking calls*! 😝😝

I got promoted to an email/chat specialist! No more getting screamed at because a certain shipping company, we will call UBS, didn’t deliver a shipment to our customers on time, too early, etc. I work at a major clothing brands call center (actually, I’m remote, so people are screaming at me while I’m at home). Now I just have emails to answer from our customers, hallelujah! My current training divisor told me the worst I will get is someone might bust a CAPS ON ME πŸ˜‚

I went from a temp through a temp agency, having my life threatened, people taking me they hope my family is murdered, men masturbating asking about panties, hood bitches and certain religious affiliated people always trying to get an extra discount they didn’t earn or deserve, etc. to having to essentially copy paste responses to customers and just plug in their order numbers and other personalized info sick as refund amounts or charges, and I got a small raise.

πŸ–•πŸ˜πŸ–• Buh-bye peak season callers too lazy to just go to the damn store to buy Christmas gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but then tell me they hope I get cancer so my family can watch me die slowly because an item was missing from their order as if I work at the warehouse!


*I might have to take calls a few hours here and there if the call que gets way too out of hand, but hopefully not!

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