But I need to pay my tuition today.

I’m going to preface this by saying, in Canada you can’t purchase tuition with a credit card.

I work in a national bank chain call center. Client called in pretty upset because he has emailed his financial advisor 4 times in 2 weeks, multiple calls and spent the last 3 hours at this branch on hold. Wondering what the status of his student loan is. Saying this I look into his application and see it unfinished. The advisor who started it no longer works at the branch and no one has taken it over.

I let him go to class and call him back an hour later. In that time I tried reaching out to the ghost branch who doesn’t know how to answer personal chat or calls. Then started a new application from the bones of the original to fix the mess.

With the client on the line I determine we are going to need a co-signer, something that should have been done on day 1. He needs to pay tuition today and is strapped. At this point I’m upset the financial adviser and branch didn’t take care of this. And I’m upset at the client because he waited to last minute to reach out to the main help line.

I talk to the client and learn his credit card has enough funds to cover tuition due to his scholarships this semester. OK. Cash advance? After calling for an exception of the 500$ maximum cash advance I was told it has to be done at a branch.

“Client, you need to go to the branch”

“No, and I will be telling my family about this experience.“

Low blow, because it’s a tight family business I looked into to verify a potential co-signer that is worth a truck load and hold all their banking with Us. I don’t want this 100,000$ student loan to effect liquid assets 100 times that at least.

“Ok… let me speak to my manager”

I don’t talk to my manager, I speak to credit card support. A kind gentleman could have easily told me to F-off, you know it’s 500$ and go to the branch if you want more for a cash advance. BUT! He pauses, stumbles and says

“Let me try something, I really don’t know if this works”

The support agent opens up our foreign currency exchange and goes and purchases $5000 CAD to deposit into his account with $5000 CAD from his credit card.

And it worked! That credit support agent really thought outside the box.

The client was stoked he got to pay his tuition, I got the information from his co-signer and we booked an appointment to verify everything to process the loan.

Really neat call.

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