Check your documents!

Story Time

I was renewing a customers car insurance policy when they asked why it was so much. I pointed out his son who was on the policy still only had a provisional licence which may be affecting it. Apparently he told us 10+ years ago to change that! Now I’VE been overcharging HIM (even though I was still at school at the time this happened so god knows how it’s my fault but anyway). I check with my manager what we have to do. We go to listen to a call that no longer is on record so the customer was pissed off even more. Then had to check with our Site Leader to then agree to refund all the way back to when he passed his test!
Customer was still annoyed even though we then halved his premium and refunded him over £3,000!!
It was his fault

Moral of the story for customers, check your documents and don’t be such cockwombles!

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