My horror story from Kraft-Heniz

So I worked at a call center that gets contracts from various large companies to work as their customer service for them.

I was working for the Kraft-Heniz contract as an escalation agent. My job was to handle very sensitive issues and assist the customer in the best way I could so we didn’t get sued.

Well part of my job was to look over pictures that customers sent by email everyday.

Now Kraft-Heniz makes a lot of products so you’d think those pictures would vary greatly… NOPE.

80% of the time the issue was for planters peanuts, and what was that issue you may ask? HUMAN TEETH.

Countless pictures of teeth, mostly molars, with very clear dental work done (crowns, caps, etc.)

This was obviously alarming to the customers as they kept finding god damned teeth in their peanuts.

I brought this issue up to Kraft every time they set up a meeting with us to talk about how the contract was going.

I shit you not whenever I brought up this issue I basically got finger guns and the issue was dropped.

We NEVER got a good awnser to tell customers. It was always a bullshit line about how we are constantly improving our quality control.

That’s probably the worse one from that job, but if anyone is interested I do have more stories that you would not believe come from such a huge and old company like Kraft.

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