ARGH. Just answer the question!

I answer for a giant medical university with a lot of specialties and a lot of satellite offices. My queue is the number that appears on all advertising (commercials, billboards, flyers) and our numerous websites; it’s a general number, if you don’t know the number directly to the office you’re looking for.

We do a high volume, but other than dealing with internal medicine and primary care patients, I transfer everything else out. And it’s a lot: 200+ calls daily.

And the reason I’m posting is that I’m salty because no one listens to the words coming out of my mouth.

“Thank you for choosing X, WHICH DEPARTMENT CAN I DIRECT YOU TO.”

Don’t say, “Actually….”. Don’t launch into a long story. Don’t tell me you “just need” anything. Unless it’s your primary care, I can’t help you. That’s why we have to ask that question, first and your response dictates what happens from there.

I repeat “…okay, in what department” like it’s my name, because no one listens and I have to ask again. Then everyone gets short with me and acts like I’M the moron.

The second thing I get goes like this, for example:

Me: “…which department can I direct you to?”

Them: “I don’t know, you tell me. I’m having a problem with my teeth.”

ME: “Okay, so….dental?”

People have no idea what they need, who their doctor is, who they’re seeing, why, or what department or anything. I have to weed through a ton of shit because no one pays attention. And then they get all cute with me and act like assholes because I have to ask more questions to get answers out of them.

It makes for super long days and usually I just end up with a giant headache.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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