More stories from Kraft-Heinz

So my last post blew up quite a bit so I thought I’d share more incompetence from the third largest food company in the United States.

So this one was really infuriating for awhile. One job at our call center is to issue out coupons for customers that had issues with their products (And yes, per company policy the people who got teeth in their planters got planters coupons)

Well the problem is the stores were not accepting these coupons. The reason being Kraft decided that buying us coupon stock to print on was unnecessary. So they were printed on regular paper.

And speaking of printing, we serviced the entire United States and parts of the Canada. Our printing room consisted of ONE INKJET PRINTER. Like just a small office printer.

Another thing is Kraft owns a coffee maker brand called Tassimo, a really shitty off brand of Kurieg.

So we had to diagnose these things over the phone, and over time we got extremely good at fixing it, the issue was the “Company approved” service manual was garbage. It basically read ‘Descale it. Did it fix it? No? Buy a new one.’ which of course infuriated customers.

Software issues we’re amazingly stupid. The company obviously had to work with restaurants and grocery stores to get the products. We handled the in between for these business. The software was so outdated and ancient that in order to do a shipment a form was sent to a different location somewhere, where another third party company had to manually enter that information into another system, and that system ONLY sent orders once per day.

So that’s pretty much all the stories I have from Kraft, none as interesting as the teeth, but there you go!

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