My mom’s "understanding" of telephone order taking technology.

I am thinking about working for a large pizza chain (in Canada) that has home-based workers who take orders over the internet. My 79 year old mother, who can skype and send email, is struggling with the concept.

I asked her today why she was so puzzled, and she said she was worried that there wouldn’t be enough pizza orders in our small town for me to make a living at it. So i tried to explain that over the internet the customers could be anywhere in the country and i could still take their order.

That led to more frowning – now she’s worried that multiple people will take the order at the same time and if someone receives duplicate pizzas I’ll get in trouble. I’ve asked her to just take my word for it that the people who designed the computer program have perfected the art of having a customer talk to only one person at a time.

Moms. You gotta love em. 🙂

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