Kevin. Kevin. Kevin and wtf? Kevin

I just remembered this call from a while back and I’m still confused as to what these parents were attempting to accomplish.

Anyways, I’m an auto insurance agent. One of the things we are required to do is verify household drivers whenever a change is made to the policy. Simple enough? Nah.

So I’ll be M and K will be – you guessed it. – Kevin.

standard intro

M: So I just need to verify, the licensed operators in your household are.. pause and refresh the page one moment

M: Sorry about that. So the licensed operators are:

pause as I try to figure out who fucked up and has this man on his own policy four times.

M: Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but are your three sons all named Kevin. also?

K: Yeah.

M: Well alright then. Licensed operators are Kevin, Kevin, Kevin and Kevin, is that correct?

K: Well, it’s Kay-Von, key-vin, Kevin and my name is Kevin.

M: Okay. Could you spell Kay-von and key-vin for me?

K: Uh. Normal spelling? K-E-V-I-N.

M: Regular “E”?


*None of the Kevins had middle names, which made this next task particularly fun.

M: So for the usage of your vehicles, I have the primary driver of the jeep being, uh, K-E-V-I-N.


head desk

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