It’s not always the person on the other end of the phone

What I’m here to do today is discuss maybe the worst interaction we’re all forced to have every day: our coworkers. I don’t know about you guys, or maybe it’s just the call center environment in general, but man do I work with some loons.

I sit in a row of 4 other people. These are the few I’m forced to have the most interaction with day to day. (Names have been changed)

Donna: Oh, Donna. She might be the only one I can tolerate. I won’t say much about her, she just seems like she needs more friends……outside of work. I seem to fall victim to her burden of no social life which permeates my Facebook messages and messenger system at work. All day long.

Jared: Real man’s man type. Wears shit kickers to work. Think his shit don’t stank & has worked here for more than 5 years and still doesn’t know how to process very average requests/transactions. His intelligence must just be buried deep under that massive layer of arrogance.

John: This guy. To have a moment inside his head. Between the slamming his keyboard down, punching his desk, kicking the cube walls, stomping, heavy sighs, talking to over customers to the point of yelling, putting customers on mute to cuss them out while they can’t hear, to complaining about every little thing possible to me and everyone nearby, the list could go on forever. If there was Debbie Downer ceremony, he’d win the award every year. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder if that will be the day he finally snaps and we all pay.

Ron: I’ve saved the best for last. Best being the worst in the case. Where do I begin? Ron is the kind of guy who froths at the mouth any time he gets a chance to bring up the first inappropriate thing that comes to mind. Mind you, I’ve never shared anything more personal than my s/o and dog’s name with him, but so far he’s talked to me about: sex with his wife, going down on his wife, his wife’s shaving habits, women he used to sleep with, bartending stories about women, looking up women’s skirts at work, watching porn, doing cocaine, his borderline alcoholism, how “awesome” he was 10 years ago, how he had washboard abs and was such a catch way back when (he’s short and pretty large now)….the whole nine. Strikes me as the type of guy who had to grow up and get married and have kids, and only knows how to talk about his glory days now. It has gotten to the point where I’m so offended on a daily basis I refuse to even acknowledge his presence. Most recently, he’s mocked a colleague of our who is physically handicapped. That was the line for me.

I go home and vent to my S/O a lot about this. It’s hard for him to understand because the call center environment is it’s own beast. So I’m curious: what are you horror stories about your own coworkers?

TL;DR I work with some people who really test my patience; more so than customers on some days. Would love to know I have other people in my boat.

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