"I’m gonna go to your house and…" Oh yeah?

Trigger warning: mentions of sexual assault.

This happened years ago, but is worthy of telling…

The center I worked in at the time was the customer retention department for a major US satellite TV company. ALL calls routed to us came from cold transfers from our customer service departments, no outside lines. This was nice because 99% of all calls auto-populated the account in our system. At the time, our phones defaulted into ACW after the call disconnected.

Ten minutes left in my ten-hour shift… Ok… Last call of the day…

[BEEP] Me: Thank you for holding, my name is Stabby. How can I… Psycho: YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, I’M GONNA COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND RAPE YOUR WIFE! I see the account has populated. Me: [Releases the call without another word]

Oh hell no he didn’t.

I grab my post-its and write down his name and address, realizing he lives literally two blocks from the call center.

I log out of my systems for the night, round up my stuff, and head down to my car.

I drove to his house, calling non-emergency police dispatch on the way and telling them I needed an officer to file a report.

I got there first. I went up and knocked on his door. I puffed myself up (I’m not exactly small, but I intended to be intimidating) and when he opened the door, dumbfounded as to who this stranger on his doorstep is, I lowered my voice, and boomed at him, “YOU’RE GONNA DO WHAT TO MY WIFE?!”

He pissed himself.

He then slammed the door, just as two patrol cars pulled up. I walked calmly to my car and waited for the officers. Apparently, he called 911 about someone who “came to his house and was threatening him at the door” so they ran up to me, threw me against my car and cuffed me. “Umm, I called YOU guys!” I was stuffed in the back of a cruiser while they talked to him.

A sergeant came back and asked for my side of things, as I was the one who called first. I explained the entire thing to them, admitting that I had gone to his door and asked a question. I told them they can pop over to the call center and get the call recording if they wanted to verify my side of things.

The sergeant looks up to the officer at the door with the guy, radios some 10-code over to him, at which point I see the officer start to put the guy in handcuffs.

I was removed from the patrol car and released from the cuffs. Turns out, Mr. Psycho is a registered sex offender with multiple convictions for sexual assault, and had been released from prison on parole within the prior 6 months. They didn’t bother with the recordings.

I gave a written statement which was sufficient to put him back behind bars for 10 more years on top of the remainder of his existing sentence.

I was told what I did wasn’t a great idea, and told not to do it again.

TL,DR; Psycho threatens to rape agent’s wife at the beginning of a call. Psycho forgot that he knows nothing about me, and I have all of his info. Psycho is confronted at home 2 blocks away, discovered as a registered sex offender, and gets another decade behind bars.

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