Mistaken gender

Years ago I worked tech support for a major cell phone company.

Working the swing shift (4PM – midnight or later).

Fellow agents report a creepy caller not giving any info and just requesting to speak to any available female agent while breathing heavily into the phone. Not unheard of nor the first time he has called. Policy was to hang up if we got this caller.

For context should mention I’m a male. But when I put on my ‘customer service voice’ it’s a little higher in pitch so have been mistaken as a female often.

Well one night I get creepy dude.

Me: (normal intro script) my name is D****** how can I help you.

Creepy dude: Danielle? You sound hot what are you wearing right now.

Me: Dropping my voice as low as it will go No I said my name was David (not my real name) and nothing big stud.

CD: hangs up line

Tell my supervisor, have a good laugh, move on with my night.

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