GDPR: Hindering British Lives since 2018

What’s up guys, used to work in retail but I’ve recently switched gears to a call centre for a big fashion company, so I guess my stories belong here now. Here’s one from today.

My last call of the day was a customer calling to see if we had received her returned parcel yet. She couldn’t remember her order number but no big deal, I can just search her account with an email address. So I do that, but I can see she has an order history of zero orders. I double check all of her information and it’s definitely her account, and there are definitely no orders. I’ll be Me, Annoying Customer can be AC.

Me: I’m on your account and I don’t see any orders. Do you have another account, or did someone else order it for you?

AC: No I only have this account and I definitely ordered it on this account. Surely there must be some documentation of my parcel? [a phrase she repeated far too much in this conversation]

Me: There definitely will be, but there are no orders on this account so I really don’t think you did use this account.

AC: Well can you search accounts with my postcode?

Me: Sure thing. [Does exactly that] It’s coming up with your account, but yet again there are no orders on it.

It’s at this point I see another account registered at the same postcode and the same address, with the same surname, and an order on this account for the same amount and with the same date as the order this lady described to me. She has (by my best guess) ordered it on her husband’s account which is in his name. But thanks to good old GDPR, I can’t say anything because divulging another customers data would be a massive no-no.

AC: Okay well if you don’t know can I speak to your manager or someone who does know?

So I put the customer on hold and speak to someone with more authority. I explain the situation and my frustration, and Mr Authority understands and agrees with me. There’s nothing I can do, it would be a breach of data protection. I just have to tell her what I already told her.

Saying same thing over and over was becoming a chore, but she refused to accept the fact she didn’t make the order on this account. I even told her to log into her account and check the order history; it was empty. But no, she definitely made the order on that account and she’s going to go find the paperwork to prove it and call back.

Now I’m annoyed I won’t get to hear her grovel.

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