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Not much of a tale because honestly I remember nothing of this call and am certain it was one of those bugged calls my CTI picked up where all I could hear was busy dial tone noises.

Anyway, I worked hard this month to get a hella nice bonus of $550 bones. Two things caused that drop. Customers with the attention span of a rotted potato who keep calling back and failed surveys.

Any agent here that does calls for cell carriers know how bs those things are. Up until yesterday, I had zero fails and super high stats. Of course fails come at the end, figures.

First one was pretty dumb because it was 100% another reps fault for releasing the phone line to the wrong party and confusing the fuck out of the person it was released to. Because the actual assuming party was this lady’s wife and at work, I couldn’t complete it BUT I gave clear instructions of what needed to be done. She gives me a yes and a no for reliability. Fuck me for actually knowing my job and not the donkey who doesn’t.

  • For any customers reading, giving a yes to an agent and a no for other part of the survey does jack all for the rep. It gets treated as a complete fail and causes yet another agent to resent you. Don’t take the surveys if you don’t understand them, delete and move on.

Anyway, I let this slide since I figure my stats were high enough to not get a hit in bonus. It was second to last day and I thought I shouldn’t drop last day. Silly me thinking customers weren’t awful creatures.

Second drop I remember nothing of it and am convinced it was one of the glitched calls. Verbatim in the survey even said “okay”..TF? Well, since this drop actually cost me a drop in bonus to $450 and that is money I consider taking food from my family’s mouth, I was pissed.

Funny thing about screwing over peoples livelihoods, they don’t like it very much. Hope she enjoys her new newsletters. 😂👌

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