I walked into this prison willingly.

Previous reddit post about my time in the call center:

Frankly I should be studying right now, but I feel like I just need to open up the dump valves on the Exxon Valdeez that is my endless anguish.

So about 3 something months ago, I went for that job I wanted. New call center, MUCH better company culture…the land of milk and honey. The process went great, I had what I thought was a great interview, got to the gates of heaven, pressed the button….and was told to fuck right off.

My “in” who said this was a sure thing basically said they thought I was too sure of myself and all over the place. I mean, when you blow out 70 calls like it’s nothing…you kinda get this idea you’re good.

So…not only did I get shut down from this cool gig, but I had to swallow my pride and tell my boss “hey I’m looking to really recommit here, and make this a longer term gig.” I felt filthy after that comment, knowing just how horrible this place can truly be…to just roll over like that. I began to wonder if people who willingly acted on behalf of the Third Reich felt this way to violate their morals for security and a paycheck….


So lets just throw down a few updates on my life here. The pregnant night girl got fired, and the more I look at it…the more I kinda miss her. Her baby daddy got hammered on the job and got sent to rehab for month. Boyo rolls back in and bails to work for a rival (on the day he was to come back.) So now she’s 8 months pregnant, and they basically canned her because they thought she was passing info to our rival. I mean, yeah it kinda makes sense…but jesus firing an 8 month pregnant woman is pretty cold in my book. I mean I’m not the pillar of morality, but even I felt that was a bad call.

So after girl gets canned my boss brings me into the VP’s office, and throws sunshine up my ass. I’m such a great worker, and I’ve been there all the time, and I’ve been working so much overtime (because I needed the money.) They basically give me a raise on the condition I cover the night shift until we bring in a new hire. Cool, 1:30pm to 10:30pm, I think I can handle this. Stay up later, do stuff later, get school work done on the clock. They give me a raise of a quarter (now making 15.75) for this, and when I go back to my old shift I’ll still have the money.

I think maybe it took me about three weeks to fully realize what had happened. I noticed I was left out of meetings more, opportunities to work with the marketing department basically vanished. Choices and decisions, outings were basically over by the time I got to work. I was more or less the loner dude who answered the phone at night, and nothing more…..I essentially spend the latter half of my shift getting screamed at with no way of resolving the issue.

Meanwhile, among the day walkers…my boss has taken a liking to a woman who’s sole job apparently is to play candy crush and fuck off on the clock and lose us business. Its kinda odd here, she’s supposed to be inside sales…you schedule special jobs, make the client happy, if not, you get the outside guy involved and he saves the account. Somehow she’s managed to lose 70 percent of our repeatable business and hasn’t gotten fired. All whilst pulling my boss and the VP’s secretary (I’m sorry the PC term is administrative assistant) into her office for girl time…and somehow roping my boss into picking up her kid.

Oh lets talk about her kid…who’s 8 years old…clearly has AD FUCKING D and likes to throw shit around the office, and run around and disrupt the office. Somehow he’s here every day…but that’s cool…

All of this behavior has left my department without a leader. My boss is either dealing with complaints, or playing with her friends. I kid you not, I’ve had 3 calls on hold and dealing with a 4th and my boss is in the middle of play time knowing we need help. To further underline the erosion, we finally got in a new hire…and the method of “training” was to bounce her back and fourth between me and a coworker until she was “ready.”

I’m trying really hard not to be too critical….but this woman leaves me questioning the hiring practice. She’s always on her phone, she’s a know it all, her boyfriend works here as well (because we clearly didn’t learn our lesson from the last girl who got fired.) My boss currently doesn’t care and helicopter trains her every so often, because hey….play time. She’s begun to let the phone ring and wait for one of us to pick it up, issue is when the other agents listen to it ring…I’m typically the guy picking it up.

However there is a rumor going around inside sales girl got dimed on for play time with photos. Great so what, she’s gone and then what? Would I even get out of the call center and move over there? Will my boss go down to?


So here is where I sit right now:

-I’m having trouble getting out of bed now. I just can’t find my motivation to get up and do anything.

-My friends have stopped calling me, because I can never meet up or hang out with them.

-I haven’t gone to any AA meetings, because the men’s meetings I went to…well hey are before I get off.

-My apartment is a wreck, again no motivation to care or clean.

-Relationship with girlfriend is kinda so/so right now, but that’s for another thread.

-I am clearly depressed, feeling unappreciated, and like I’m in a dead-end job here.

Now I’m weighing my options, the “dream” call center will start hiring again in the spring (maybe sooner?) but I could start sending out my resume now and see what bites. I’ve been eyeing up a much larger company that handles commercial property management. I could use my skill set, and build upon it, and be in an organization where there is room to grow…more prestige perhaps.

In the short term, I’m not working anymore overtime, I refused a shift because I was burning out…and suddenly I’m out of the “circle of trust.”

Also I’ve been getting pretty hot and heavy into soviet-era propaganda.

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