Do you think I can win American Idol?

Alright so the call center I worked was a surveyor one, we would dial up random people and ask them to complete our survey.

This one time I was dialing up a number and whoever was on the other side picks up. I say what’s mandatory, “Hello my name is [insert name], I’m calling from SRI to conduct a quick 5 minute survey about [whatever was the topic that day, which I dont remember]….

Right before continuing the person who at this time I can identify as a male that was driving and was probably gay considering how he introduced himself, imagine a very gay male man with a screeching voice.

Anyways he says, “look kid, I’ll complete your stupid survey only if you hear me sing and honestly tell me if I have a chance at winning American Idol.”

I say, “Okay sure! I’ll hear you out”.

He now starts singing, god it was so appalling and dreadful. I had to mute my mic and start laughing at how bad this person was. Anyways his ear-pearcing singing stops.

He asks, “Sooo, be honest, do you think I can beat the auditions and win American Idol???”

“Yeah, I think you got a decent shot.”

I make sure to respond with a confident tone, it is always the best choice to response with confidence in this type of job.

“You’re lying, be honest with me and tell me if I can really make it?”

Me Totally lying: “Well, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. Like everyone, you can still improve.”

“Wow that’s really mean of you!”

“Well you told me to be honest”.

At this point I didn’t care if he completed or not the survey, I actually didn’t want to keep talking to him for the remainder of the survey, however, I did get payed commission for completing a survey, so I stayed on the line.

“Yeah, but that was mean of you to say that!”

“Sorry, I just didnt want to lie to you (so ironic), so can we move on to the survey?”


I just reply with a bland general response, “I am sorry, is there a better time we can call….[cuts me off]

“SHUT UP! DONT EVER CALL ME AGAIN!!”. Then proceeds to cut the call.

And just like that, the call was over. Screw that guy. Hope he doesn’t make it.

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