“You work for a failing business because you have no availability”

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Backstory: I am the office manager for a Driving School. (Not a massive one but not a small one either). We’re quite busy as we’re the #1 school in the area.

My job role is to do everything office related so the school owner and instructors can stick to what they’re happy with and I can do what I’m good at. I answer the phone/ emails most of the time though.

I’ve just had possibly one of the rudest interactions that I’ve had since I’ve worked here. I’ve worked in various call centres and offices before so I’ve had worse but this one really annoyed me.

Me will be me and RL will be rude lady.

Me: Good morning, this is “…” Driving School. Dargonaxe speaking, how can I help?

RL: Hi, my son has just turned 17 and I want to book him some driving lessons.

Me: no worries, what are you looking for? Manual or Automatic? And what area are you based in?

RL: Well obviously Manual, why would he want to drive Automatic? He’s not an idiot. And I’m based …

At this point I have a good idea of what kind of caller this is and I already want to be done with this call.

Me: Okay, that’s fine. So what kind of availability does he have? As he’s 17, I assume he’s in school or college?

RL: Yeah he’s at school. So he’d need to be picked up there and dropped home.

After school slots are one of our busiest times so there’s a little wait before we have availability

Me: Okay, and what school does he go to? What time does he finish?

RL: He goes to school (at an area very far away from the home address, like a good hour and a half drive). Some of our instructors only cover certain areas, out of the 16 instructors we have, we only have 3 that can cover both areas

Me: And when are you looking to start the lessons?

RL: Tomorrow works for us.

Me: Okay, at the moment we don’t have any after school availability for those areas. We do have a waiting list that you can go on and we’ll try our best to fit your son in. You’re more than welcome to call other driving schools to see if they can help a bit sooner, we understand it can be frustrating having to wait.

And then she raised her voice.

RL: Well that’s just stupid, how do you expect to get business if you don’t have any lessons available? You only have like 6 instructors and I barely see your cars so clearly you’re a failing business.

At this point I should clarify that this “failing business” is my dad’s business. He has worked so bloody hard for over 10 years for this business to be where it is today and I’m so proud of him.

Me: We actually have 16 instructors, probably more by the end of the year. We’re actually doing very well seeing as we have no availability.

RL: Well your website should state that you don’t have any then! You’ve completely wasted my time and you should show that on your website so that you don’t waste others time too.

Me: There’s actually a place on the website where you can email us with an enquiry and we can get back to you ASAP. Not wasting any time that way.

RL: You’re just someone who answers the phone, I guess you’re too stupid to update the website and have common sense to see when a business is failing.

Now I have to bite my tongue because I have a very short temper as it is and this woman is just pissing me off at this point.

Me: If I we’re you I would call elsewhere, I don’t know any other schools that would be able to cover both areas so it might take a bit of googling but I’m sure you’ll find someone to accommodate the 2 hour lessons, pick up and drop off 1.5 hours away from the home location and a lesson for tomorrow at 4:30-6:30. Best of luck.

RL: Well you can at least put me on the waiting list. Maybe that’s something you’re capable of.

Me: No problem, best of luck. Bye.

I text my dad and I have to put this woman on the waiting list. But I refuse to be the one who calls her.

The reason this annoyed me so much is because I do literally everything that an office manager does and more. I actually made the website and update it everyday with passes and reviews. I don’t have time to put every instructors availability on the website everyday. I barely get to eat lunch and I leave the office at 9 every night. Even though my working hours are 9-5.

My dad has done so much to make this business successful and this woman who clearly has a degree in business management thinks other.

TDLR: Bitch of a woman calls me an idiot and tells me my family’s business is failing because I didn’t have availability for the next day because were booked up.

Update: My dad came into the office, I told him the whole story and he said “fuck that woman, don’t put her on the waiting list”

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