Not the Bank Fix it, Not our Card division fix it, but ME PERSONALLY, burntoutcc better fix this!

Customer calls in being denied by the fraud team at the vets office. The amount of the charge was over $300… the vets office was in her town, she had plenty of money, so I totally get she was upset.

But CHILL. You gotta stay CALM!

As SOON as I answer the phone you hit me with ” You better fix this shit right now”… oh honey… you dont do that to an anxiety ridden 24 year old female who is on her 60th call of the day.

How about give me a damn chance?

She then goes on to say (im sure everyone in the vet is listening) That she will come right to the bank and close all 3 accounts and withdrawl her 29 thousand dollars la da dee da. Lady!! YES COMPARED TO ME U ARE RICH, HOWEVER you and I both know damn well that deposit for the $29 grand just came in today.

Yes the fraud team is super frustrating, I know your stressed out because your pup is at th vet and a declined card on top of it is bull crap; but watch yourself.


truly yours,


South Carolina

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