“I haven’t been able to access my online account!!”

So I work as a customer service rep for a catalog company. I’ll be M for Me and DL for Dumb Lady

M: Customer Service Department, this is M, how may I help you?

DL: Yes I’ve been having trouble logging into my online account for forever now! It gives me an error message so I’ve had to place my orders by phone!!!

M: Okay so what does the error message say?

DL: It says “Username or password combination is incorrect”

M:… So did you try resetting your password??

DL: No because I want my password to stay the same!

M: …If you want to be able to access your account you have to reset your password so you can actually log in and place an order..

DL: huffing and puffing Is that the only way?!

Me: Yes

DL: hangs up

She did not even try to reset her password even after the messages she kept getting when she tried to log on. I just… ughhh.

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