"What’s a percent sign?"

Ahh, my first call center job. When resetting passwords on our online site for customers, our default pw we give is something like Welcome123%. When they get locked out, they have to call. Annoying, yes. Thus, the following. Me=Me, C=Customer.

Me: standard greeting C: I’m locked out of my online account, the password needs reset. Me: Ok, can you verify blah blah blah. C: verifies Me: Ok, your temporary password is Welcome123 percent, go ahead and try it. C: What’s a percent sign? Me: (really?) It looks like two circles with a line between it. C: I can’t find it, where is it? Me: (facepalm and looks at keyboard) It’s above the number 4 on your keyboard. C: Oh!

This is why I give them Welcome123$ (dollar sign). Sadly, this has happened more than once!

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