Dumbest coupon fraud ever!!

Good day, everyone. It’s been a while since I posted here. So a little backstory, I resigned from the life insurance account and I’m now working in a global account that deals with accomodation.

Now into the story, I received this call when I was in training. We have a promotion wherein if a new user signs up using a referral link they will get a $40 travel coupon and the one who referred will get a $20 travel credit in return once the new user makes and completes their first reservation.

So this guy calls in claiming that his coupon is not working. I pulled up his account and the account of the person who referred him to check. Now, our system is smart enough to detect fraud specially if the registered phone number or email is the same. This will create a what we call “empty referral coupon.”

Lo and behold the MF customer not only have the names on the 2 accounts the same but almos every bit of information. Phone number? Same. Date of birth? Same. Address? Same. The only difference is the domain name on the email addresses used!!!

Dude stutters when confronted but didn’t give up, told me that they are twins that live together. I was like, what about the name? He then disconnected the line.

BONUS: Dude called back and my seat mate answered the call!!! Dude was trying to get another rep to reactivate his coupon and still didn’t change any information on the 2 accounts.

I wonder what’s going on in his head, I guess not a lot.

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