This isn’t the right company

Took a call from one of my reps, who said This customer would like to speak to a supervisor. I’m going to start posting the best ones I remember from my time as a Sup at the Ecommerce company.

Me: Afternoon, this is Bee. I am a supervisor here at XYZ Ecommerce company, how can I help you?

C: Finally. Your representative doesn’t know where they work.

Me: What seems to be the problem?

C: I’m calling because I ordered “pens” from you, and I haven’t received them. My order has been in for two weeks, and you’ve taken my money, and I have nothing to show for it.

Me: Okay, I can certainly look into this for you. What was your order number, as I’ve tried to pull up your order by the phone number you’re calling from, and our system does not have it.

C: I don’t know why, I put it on my order. It’s 18-

Me: Oh, let me stop you right there. Our order numbers start with 3 or 2. That seems to be a competitors. I apologize but you have the wrong company.

C: NO, NO! I googled it, and your number clearly comes up under Pens R us.

Me: Ma’am, when you googled Pens R Us did you call the first number listed?

C: Yes!

Me: Okay that’s why. We have a google ad running right now, you just called the wrong listing.

C: Why do you not want to help me? You so easily took my money, and now you don’t want to provide me with the product?

Me: if you ordered from us, I would be more than happy to assist. We are You ordered from Pens R Us. We have a google ad out right now, so when you google something like “Pen Store” our company will be the first one that pops up.


Customer calls back, we’re short staffed so I’m also taking calls in the queue.

Me: Thank you for calling pens for less, this is Bee, how can I help you?

C: Hello, hopefully you can help me as I just got off the phone with a very rude supervisor.

Me: Hi ma’am, this is still me, and you’ve still called the incorrect company.

C: How can I get you to see that I ordered from you?

Me: Ma’am do you have your email up with your order confirmation?

C: Yes

Me: Okay, please read to me the company name in the logo of the email.

C: Pens R Us! Do you need me to spell it to you since I’ve told you this before?! P-E-N-S R U-S

Me: Ma’am you have the wrong company. We are

C: You’re all the same company! Why are you not helping me?!

Me: We can not help you as the order you placed is not with us. I’ve tried to explain that to you. I would be more than happy to take an order for you, but you have an existing order with a different company. I will not be able to check the status of that order, as it would be like placing an order at Walmart, and calling target asking them where it is.

C: This isn’t the same thing, I’m not that dumb.

Me: Have a good day Ma’am.

Not 20 minutes goes by, and we get an email in the email box. She forwarded on her order confirmation. At this point, I take her order confirmation, and circle the logo, and the contact number, and and screen shot our logo and contact number. I explain all the differences.

We then get an email back from her saying she will be filing a complaint with the BBB for our customer service and not sending the goods she paid for. I replied with “You are within your right for filing a complaint. Just please make sure to file it with Pens R Us. My name is Brittany”

WTF IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I, in that moment felt like Patrick. “Krusty Krab?” “No this is Patrick!”

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