Why don’t you ask one of your 40,000 friends?

Little while back, worked for this outdoor leisure equipment distributor. One of the backpack brands we sold had a very solid lifetime warranty on everything. Only exceptions were purposeful dammage and bags too dirty/stinky for inspection.

Client calls in and tells me he fell into a stream while biking, and his bag now stinks as the water was contaminated.

I explain to him our policy but add that it can easily be washed at home and recommend a few products that he can safely use in a bath/sink while wearing gloves.

Client retorts that it would be unsanitary to use his bath. I don’t want to argue that point so I suggest a bucket or wash basin.

Customer proceeds to lose his patience and goes on a rant about how he doesn’t have a wash basin and he’s on facebook groups with over 40,000 bikers who are all his friend, and that he’ll tell tell them all about the poor service we’ve given him.

After his 10 minute rant ends, I lose some of my usual cool, and without thinking answer: “Maybe one of your 40,000 friends has a wash basin you can borrow?”

10 second silence, and customer finally says: “Go f**k yourself.”

And hangs up.

Though my comment wasn’t that harsh, a note of condescension may have been present in my voice…

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