My first threat! Oh how it annoyed me

I had my first complaint in my job. They are few and far between in the industry I am in (commercial electricity) so they tend to be tricky when they come in. This one was no different.

Back in June I had logged Mr Knobheads (MK) first complaint. He wasn’t happy that he had to be logged with us as a supplier before he could move to his new (industry standard), and that he would have to send us in meter readings to prove his property was not using any electricity. I resolved this one and all was well until last week.

MK: Hello is this tangtastictwosome? This is Mr Knobhead.

Me: Hello there. How can I help you today.

MK: Yes I just wanted to say I had sent in my final read.

Me: Yes I can see you’ve moved supplier now. That means that after you meter reads are check and validated in around 5-10 days, you will get your final bill and we can close your account.

MK: Wait…5-10 days? Why? I don’t want to deal with your company any longer – you have my read, give me my bill!!

Me: Sorry sir that’s standard for the industry. If it happens in less than 10 days you will get your bill sooner.

MK: yeah but I sent in my read. It should be done instantly. Frankly your customer service has been horrendous and this is just the icing on the cake.

Me: Sorry sir I can’t do anything about that. I will raise a complaint on your behalf and get your invoice to your ASAP.

MK: Yes, and, if you care about your companies reputation, my final bills better have a nil balance.

I pause. I’m trying not to explode at MK right now. This was a whole new level of knobhead.

Me: I will see what I can do sir, but I can’t promise anything.

Long story short, my manger said no, we hadn’t done anything wrong, so he was getting his bills and would need to pay them. She was also very upset that he had threatened a member of her team. High five for a great manager 🙂

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