Santa for a Day.

So I used to work within the technical support department for a telecomunications company doing the phones for the Hospitals for the 4 regions that the company covered.

On a normal slow saturday morning one November, close to December, a call comes in and it sounds like the sweetest little 3-5 year old girl calling in. I say hello and she was so excited to get a line to Santa, that the nurse was right, and proceded to spend the next 15 minutes telling me about all the good things she has done and things she would like for Christmas. Doing my best (which is pretty bad I will admit) Santa voice I get the girls name and tell her that if she continued to do good until Christmas, I would see what I could do about her list.

The nurse came on after I heard the scamper of what was likely a very happy little girl and say thank’s for it and hung up.

Whenever I have a rough day working I just have to remeber that little girl’s excitement about being able to call Santa.

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