Do you even listen?

Unfortunately I haven’t got a long entertaining story to share, but I’m currently sitting at work mindlessly scrolling through Reddit trying to waste time until the end of my shift.

I’m sure that everybody in customer service experiences this, but I just can’t even fathom how these people get by. These people aren’t even hard of hearing- they’re either just fucking thick or can’t be bothered listening even though ya know, they called us, they should probably listen if they want help with their issue.

Just the basic shit grinds my gears. I’ll throw a few examples out there (I’ll be changing the words to basic colours etc to protect details of my workplace) – I’m M and the customer will be C.

– – – – – –

M: Can I please have the BLUE number from the back of your card?

C: The RED number or the BLUE number?

M: *facepalm* The BLUE number please..

– – – – – –

M: Would you like to select the BLUE option or the RED option?

C: -silence-

M: Hello?

C: Yes?

M: *repeats question*

C: Yes thanks.

M: *facepalm* *repeats question and explains each option again*

– – – – – –

M: What’s your first and last name?

C: 123 Home Road

– – – – – –

M: What’s your date of birth, please?

C: Firstname Lastname

– – – – – –

These are just some very basic questions that I have to ask multiple times a day and people seemingly fuck it up more often than not.

Please feel free to share any basic questions you’ve needed to ask a customer, and the idiotic or just plain simple responses they’ve given you. Absolutely nothing wrong with people who are hard of hearing or where English isn’t their first language, I’m just talking about the people who are so obviously too lazy to listen.

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