sad one – uncle tells us, our client is dead – and to not be able to really help

a few minutes ago i got a call – me will be me, caller will be u (uncle).

me: normal greetings procedure

u: hello, i am the uncle of Name Lastname, do you need his social security number?

me: yes please (thinking about data protection and what the uncle would want and how i maybe have a bad call because often family members do not understand, that we cannot talk with them about our clients data)

he gives me the number

me: thank you, how can i help you?

u: there is no help possible

me: ? (he was not unfriendly, was a little slow in talking, but as i knew why he called it was understandable because he was grieving and it was a hard situation)

u: my nephew died this night

me: i am very sorry…. my condolences (feels empty.. i cannot say something to really help or make it better. in my experience: keep the call short and let people grieve without me to hear it is better).

me: i will notice the responsible coworkers and if we need something to close the case, we will write a letter. (because, sometimes there are further steps needed when money is in the game and it has to be decided, who gets the last money till the death :(( )

u: When something it needed, write at Mrs Name Lastname..she is his mother, but she is not able to call in the moment.

me: that is very understandable. i am verry sorry for your loss. Thank you for the Information. i wish you and your family strenght in this hard time.

U: good bye

me: good bye

such calls are never nice (how could they – somebody died 🙁 and we are talking with grieving relatives) but it always feels, my words are lacking.. the callers do not want really to talk to us and are “happy” when the call is short (they only want to give us the information).

how is it for you? do your customers/clients want to talk more with you or is it the same?

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