Read your stupid bills!!

I work in a call center taking escalated calls in customer care for a cellphone company. One day an old lady calls saying we had to give her a credit for more than $1800.00. As I reviewed het account and her bills, I noticed she had a traveling package for $120.00 that renewed every month. According to her, we had been charging her for more than 3 years.

Me: Did you call to remove the package after you used it?

Old lady: eeeemmmm yes, yes I called to remove it.

Me: when did you call?

Old lady: eeemmm I don’t remember when, but I remember I called. You owe me thar money.

Me: you should have called to remove it. Since there are no records that you called, we can’t give you a credit for that. The last I can do is to give you a credit for three months.

Old lady: Ok. That’s fine give the three months.

Me in my mind: Read your stupid bills!!!!!!

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sad one – uncle tells us, our client is dead – and to not be able to really help

he was worried, and so he did….nothing… but i should change the situation (when i am not able to do anything, because he is responsible)