No, I will NOT give you the information you need to help me!

Preface: I don’t work at a call centre per se, but I do work at a company which does a lot of incoming and outgoing calls and a central database of customers where the data is provided by them.

Me: Good afternoon, company name, how can I help?

Lady: Do you have someone called Dave in your office?

Me: We do, but he’s gone home for the day, is there anything I can help with?

Lady: He keeps calling my number, the call is for someone else though. He has the wrong number.

Me: Oh, I am sorry about that. I’ll pop him a message now and let him know that the number is wrong. Your number hasn’t come up on our phone system though, it’s just showing as ‘Anonymous’, so would you mind…

Lady: Oh no. I don’t give my number out. That’s private. I don’t want people calling me.

Me: I understand that, but if someone has accidentally input your number in to our database I’ll need to know what the number is so I can delete it and you won’t be call…


Me: If I don’t take your number, I can’t put any notes on the system or delete the number from the wrong account.

Lady: Well I’m not giving out my number. That’s private.

Me: Well then unfortunately there is nothing I can do, if I don’t know what number to tell Dave not to call, I can’t guarantee he won’t call you.

Lady: Well that’s FINE, I’ll just keep ignoring his calls then!

Me: Ok, have a day.

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