he was worried, and so he did….nothing… but i should change the situation (when i am not able to do anything, because he is responsible)

the second one for today (i hope it is okay?)

a guy in his late 20s.

The situation: we got feedback about this client – and what we knew, could have meant he would not getting money from my part of the social service for some time (a penalty for not playing by the rules).

so, from the rules and law, we had to stop the money, get him an appointment and talk about it. And then the decision will be made, if the penalty has to take place or if he gets the money for the whole period.

this appointment was delivered personaly with the postal service (a special kind of letter he has to sign for getting it).

in the letter it was also clearly stated, that because of some part of the law, this appointment is mandatory for him. and if he does not partake, he will be no longer our client (till the day he is personally in the house at the social service).

he was also noticed about the situation, that we had to clear this situation with him and therefore his money stopped with date x.

his appointment was two days ago – he did not come – he is no longer our client (and can no longer get any money, till he is in our house in person.)

i will be me – he will be wd (worried dude)

me: standard greeting procedure…

wd: hello, i want to talk about the last payment i got from you. it was not enough.

me: sure, (identification process so i would be able to talk with him about his money).

me: so i see, we have to clear a situation with you and you got an appointment to clear it up – and it was two days ago.

wd: yes, but i got too less money from you guys and how should i live without the whole money?

me: before we can decide about the money from day x on, we have to talk with you in person – you got your appointment because of this and it was mandatory. but you were not there.

wd: yeah..because i knew ahead, that i got too less money and i was worried

me: okay but we cannot to anything on the phone, we need you in person. and also, because you did not show for your mandatory appointement, you are no longer our client – till the day you are in our house in person. (looking at the clock) our house closes in 40 minutes – if you are near, you can make it today! and i would recommend it strongly!

wd: today is too difficult for me, maybe i will come on monday.

me: if you come on monday, you will only be our client from monday on – and you will not be able to get money for the days you were not our client.

wd: but i what should i do?

me: come to us, when we are open, as soon as possible!

wd: but i want now a decision about the money, i need to know it now.

me: i am sorry, but i cannot do anything for you. No phone calls will change anything about the situation. Onle when you are in person in our house, we will be able to clear the situation with you and decide about the money from day x.

And you will get no money from two days ago till the day you come to us and talk to us.

wd: it is unfair, i need it know and somebody had to talk with me about it sooner

me: yes we know, that is the reason you got your mandatory appointment for two days ago.

wd: i knew but i was worried!

….. and so on.. a few more circles.

he was a bit too slow in his responses for a comfortable call (you now – nothing wrong with taking your time – but the silence before he answers..everytime.. and i knew his data, as far as we know he had no limitations or illnes.

if i had to guess, i would guess some drugs/meds.

i also got no answer, why he decided to not show up for his appointment (only, he was worried!) but did not want to do something about it as it seems.

i hope in the end it was really clear for him, that no future phone calls will help and he has do come to us.

but… i fear.. he will call a few times..maybe a few days between.. till he comes to us…

and everyday he does not show up..he loses the money :((

for somebody needing this money urgent.. it would be better for him, to do something to clear all up and then be again our client and getting money.

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