My 3 favorite calls from working in a call center

I worked at a 3rd party cell phone call center. We were supposed to troubleshoot customer problems, assist with finding the correct cell phone plan, and assist people with upgrading their phones.

In reality, we got yelled at for 8 hours a day, because of fees, and damaged cell phones outside of warranty, and everything under the sun. These are my 3 favorite stories.

1) I had a customer call in, and he wanted me to block the entire state of Maryland from calling his phone.

I advised him that, at the time, he could block up to 5 numbers from his phone, or we could add on a pay-service for xxx amount and block 20 numbers.

That wasn’t good enough. It had to be the entire state of Maryland. His ex-bae could borrow someone else’s phone, or find a pay phone, or SOMETHING, so it had to be the entire state.

I told him the only thing I could do would be to change his number, but that wouldn’t work. He liked his number. It was easy to remember. No, I just needed to block Maryland entirely.

2) I had a customer that purchased a wifi hot-spot. It was basically a little add on device that would allow you to create your own wifi area when connected with your laptop. (This was years ago).

He took his little toy to Jamaica. I don’t know what the rate is now, but at the time, it was something like $25.00 per megabyte of data usage.

His bill for the month was somewhere in the vicinity of $16,000.

3) A customer called in, wanting to know why we wouldn’t allow him to receive his upgrade. His contract was up, and he was due an upgrade, and the associate at the store he was at claimed that he wasn’t eligible.

I looked at his account, and he was almost $1000 behind on payments. I explained to him that, while his contract was up, and he was technically eligible for an upgrade, he hadn’t paid his bill in full for almost a year, and hadn’t made a payment at all in almost 4 months. Until we’re received the past due amount on his acct., we weren’t going to be allowing him an upgrade to a new $600+ phone.

He was livid. He demanded an upgrade. I put him on hold and spoke with a supervisor, who agreed with me, that he wasn’t getting an upgrade. This supervisor then went to lunch and left the building.

I got back on the phone and explained that my supervisor had agreed that he wasn’t getting an upgrade. He wanted to speak to that supervisor, who had gone on lunch. I flagged down a second supervisor, explained the situation to her, she got on the line and agreed to EVERYTHING, and handed me back the headset and told me to handle it.

He was super smug, and rude, and used tons of profanity, and ordered me to do my $(##)$ job and order his $)#*$#)$( phone. Then he hung up.

Policy was that any changes to the acct. had to be made with the customer on the line. I returned everything back the way it originally was, noted everything, spoke with the Head Supervisor about the situation. He said he’d call the customer back the next day, and not to worry about it.

He didn’t get his upgrade.

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