"Due to the nature of this call…"

So a while back I worked in credit card activations, basically people would call in to activate their credit cards and, because heaven forbid the bank passes up a chance to make some money, part of my job was also to sell credit card insurance. Because clients were calling in to do this one thing and then get ambushed by a product pitch some of them got really, um, let’s say upset.

Way back when I was in training for this job, the agent trainer gave us specific instructions on what to do when a client is losing their shit. There was a line in the script for just that occasion, to be used only when absolutely necessary: “Due to the nature of this call, I’m going to have to end it.” The other agents and I were instructed to hang up on the client after using the line, it was basically our nuclear option. If someone if yelling/swearing their head off, you use the line and cut off the call.

That’s it for the need to know background information, on to the tale. Client calls in, she seems calm and I’m under the impression that everything is fine too try to sell to her. I get her information, as I’m activating the card I start the product pitch. I’m bearly two sentences in the client cuts me off.

Client: SERIOUSLY?? You’re going to do this?

Me: ma’am it’s a part of the process, you’re free to say no to the insurance if you don’t want it.

Client: Fucking hell, of course I’m going to say no. Why the hell did you even try to sell it to me?

Me: The insurance is offered to all eligible clients, as I said before your free to say no if you don’t want it.

Client: Holy shit, fuck [bank name] I can’t believe they’d waste my time over nothing. Why the hell do you do this for a living? Don’t you have anything better to do, you sack of shit?

Me, just about done with this call: I’m sorry ma’am but due to the nature of this call I’m going to have to end it. click

In a sane world that would be the end of it, I had activated the clients card, she didn’t get the insurance she was so pissed off over, she really had no reason to call again. But apparently, this dumbass lady never thought to check her online banking to see if her card was active and because of the way the call ended she thought I didn’t do it. Thus, she called again. The way our call centers system is set up is so that if a client calls back immediately after their call ends, they will actually be directed to the same agent they were speaking to before. The logic here is that if a call ever gets cut off and the client calls back they don’t have to explain their situation to a new agent and they can just pick up where they left of from the first call. In practice though, what usually ends up happening is that the asshats get directed back to the agent who hung up on them and this time they’re even more pissed then before.

Me: does introduction stuff, client actually doesn’t recognize me and thinks shes talking to another agent

Client: hey I already called a minute ago and I need you to tell me if my card got active? The cunt I was taking to before hung up on me.

Me: … Excuse me?

Client: she hung up on me, the bitch. Anyway just tell me if my card is active.

Me: ma’am, I’m the same agent you were taking to before, and I don’t think I can continue this call. Click

A couple of minutes pass by and I get another call coming in. Guess who it was?

Me: introduction stuff, ask for clients information

Client: oh hi, I think you were the agent I spoke to before?

Me: are you [Clients name]?

Client: yeah, I am. Did you activate my card?

Me: I actually activated your card during our first call, but I hung up on you because I do not appreciate being insulted. I understand it’s a little frustrating to have your time wasted by a product pitch, but I am just doing my job as I was trained to.

Client: Your right, I’m sorry you were just doing your job. So my card if active now?

Me: yes, it’s ready to use now. Thank you for choosing [bank name] and have a nice day.

Yup, she actually said she was sorry to me. I strongly suspect she only did so because she was afraid of me hanging up again, but even so I’ll take it. Hopefully this lady learned a valuable lesson about how to treat customer service people, and if not… Well, I hope this story entertained you at least.

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