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So I work for my University’s Tier 1 IT support, which means we handle both IT problems over the phone or Email, or we escalate it to someone who can help. However, our jurisdiction is strictly IT, nothing more. So one evening, after hours when most departments go home and our help desk only keeps a few people, a Professor called us and asked very casually:

Professor: So I had a student say they heard there might be an active shooter in Campus, is that true? Me: There’s a WHAT? Excuse Me, but did you just say active shooter?

Now the moment I said that my supervisor immediately perked up and had me transfer the call to them. She quickly asked where she heard this and after being told a student mentioned it, she asked for screenshots of the chat and began contacting higher-ups. We eventually determined there was no known threat, just a rumor, but it was kind of tense. Turns out police just did a wellness check on a student and found an unlicensed firearm on them, kid’s gonna get arrested but no major threat to the School. However it blew up into a rumor and some student mentioned it to their professor through email. The bigger question is why the Professor thought to call IT on this. If you think there might be a school shooter threat, call 911, or at least the non-emergency campus police line. Why IT, if she was correct, we were currently victims at the time. This isn’t the first time either we’ve had tgis sort of issue, we’ve been called avout busy fires and other 911-worthy emergencies.

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