A lady asking how to open someone’s profile on Facebook

So I’m working as tech support for a registrar in our country. The job mostly consists of assisting customers with any problems they have with our services: hosting and email hosting, that kind of a thing.

Yesterday I got a call from some lady and the conversation went something like this:

Me: (Company’s name), How may I help you? Her: Hello, I found this phone number online. Could you help me with something? Me: (Thinking it’s something to do with our services) Yes, of course. Tell us what you need help with. Her: I received some messages on my Facebook and I can’t open their profile. I think somebody might have hacked me. Me: (Not really understanding what’s going on. I thought I didn’t hear her right) Apologies. Could you just repeat your question? I didn’t hear you well. Her: (Repeats herself) Me: (Not sure what to say, my first instinct is to try and help her somehow) I really don’t use Facebook so I’m not sure how to help you, but you could try and report them or try and find contact support page on Facebook. Her: How do you not use Facebook? Me: I’m not sure if you know you’ve reached (Company’s name) tech support. We have no affiliation with Facebook what so ever. Her: Well how do I resolve my problem now? They’re hacking my account. Who do I contact? Me: I am really sorry, but I don’t really know who should you contact with this problem. Just try and search Facebook support or something like that and you’ll find what you need. Her: (Thinking for a second) sigh Okay. Thank you. Goodbye. Me: You’re welcome. Goodbye.

I was a bit stunned at that moment and trying to think how did she figure she should contact us for this problem.

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