Is this real life?

Me: thank you for calling (insurance company) claims support how can I help you?

C: I had an accident on my motorcycle I need to make a claim

Me: I’m sorry to hear that are you ok?

C: yeah I wasn’t hurt just the bike

Me: ok that’s good well let me go ahead and get this started here

I look up is info get him verified and a claim was already submitted

Me: alright so it looks like a claim was already filed here let me just-

C: what do you mean a claim was already filed? Who filed it? I was alone

C begins ranting about how he rolled his bike in an off-roading incident and that a couple friends were there but they shouldn’t have been able to call As he is ranting I look through the claim, it’s new so not a lot of notes but it lists him as the original caller… As I am not a licensed adjuster I have a little wiggle room with what I can or don’t have to divulge…

Me: I’m sorry sir I would not have access to that information to see who filed the claim but I can certainly note your concerns but your claims rep can look into that for you, but a claim is filed and we have your contact info (gave expectations for the claims reps call yada yada)

Definitely put in my note that it listed him specifically as the caller and that he was upset the claim was already filed when he called in… It could have been a mistake on the previous claims processor’s end but we are supposed to list who the caller is and then if the insured is a different person list their relationship to the claim or why they are filing. I did not want to go down that rabbit hole in case this poor guy had amnesia or something because I do not have the qualifications to discuss anything like that. Definitely a doozy

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