I’d rather drive off a cliff than return to my call center job tomorrow after 3 weeks off

Should I just quit? If I call off one more time I’ll be fired. I’ve been there 14 months and called off at least 5-7 times cause of depression. I hit my expiration date in May and could only “fake it til I make it” (happiness) until July. Im dreading tomorrow. I was dreading it my whole two weeks in Ireland. Idk what to do. I broke my lease and moved back home so I could do this but now that the moment is here I’m too afraid to do it. I’m going to start applying for jobs tonight but I’m not sure I can last another day, let alone another few weeks to a month. I’m afraid for my mental health.

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client is more important than other clients, because he is no junkie or long in the need of money from the social system