client is more important than other clients, because he is no junkie or long in the need of money from the social system

first of all: i do not think some clients are more important than others.

every client has a unique situation or different situation – some of this makes the situation for them harder – some may be self-inflictet – some not.

i would never rank our clients after their “backpack” and judge who is more important than another.

but we all know, there are people out there, always thinking of themselves as center of the universe or most important.

with this i really had to bite my tonge, because of his reasoning, why he was more important (and also because in this context his “backpack”)

a really not nice (in the call with me) client was very upset and irritated, that his aide was with another client when he called and could not take the call. He did not want to talk with me, only with his aide. So i also could not help him, because he did not want it and he was very uncooperative.

he also was irritatet, that we ask him everytime when he calls us, who he is (simple ground rule in courtesy – if you call, tell your name) and want some identification (because, sensible data and so on) ….(we all should know him from his voice it seems) and only wanted to tell me his last name, nothing else.

i tried to reach his aide, (he told me her name) but she was in another appointement.

he fumed a while and then:

client: it is impertinence when i call you, that my aide is not available to take my call!

me: i am verry sorry, but she has an appointement with another client and..

client: i mean, i am not a junkie or needing the social system long (his words about other client groups were less friendly) and so she should be available when i am calling and she should not be talking to other clients! my need is important! more important than the needs of some junkies or such (bad words) people.

he ended the call irritatet, after he repeatet his claim of importance above other clients, it sounded as if for him, all our clients were garbage and had their misery self-inflicted and he had nothing to do with his situation.

why i had to bite my tongue about his reasoning?

he was 2 weeks out of jail (in my book, also a “backpack”)

and he used really pejorative words for the other clients and their “backpacks”

i do not judge him for beeing in jail – but i also do not judge other clients and their “backpacks”.

from the words, he seemed to think he has no “backpack” at all ..after the call, i tend to think, his manners/communication skills are also a factor in his “backpack”

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