A little bit of an age gap

I used to work taking inbound calls for a bank.

Me: Yours truly

C: Caller

(After saying my usual greeting and asking the name of the caller).

Me: How may I help you tonight Mrs Caller?

C: I’m calling about my husband’s account, he passed away earlier today..

The customer said this completely calm, but everyone grief is different.

When the owner of an account pass away, there isn’t much I have to do. I just have to offer my condolences (I’m horrible at it), ask for the account information, and then transfer the call to another department.

Me: I’m sorry for your lost Mrs Caller.

C: Don’t be sorry after all I’m not sorry, really. I’m just calling because I’m an authorize user of this account and I want to know if I can keep using the account even if he passed away.


Me: I understand Mrs Customer. Actually all of that is handled by another department.

C: Can you transfer the call?

Me: Sure, I’m just going to need to ask for the account number and the last four digits of the primary’s social security number, and then I can transfer the call.

C: Sure, hold on a second.

After she gave the information and I pulled up the account I couldn’t help but notice he was born in 1937 and she was born in 1994. He was either her sugar daddy or there is some sort of messed up story there. I never knew.

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