I Used to Love This Job

I used to love this job. I couldn’t be what I originally wanted to be, then I found this industry. So I thought, I am so lucky to be doing something where I can make a difference even in just a small way.  I was happy.

However as times goes by I started to feel like a candle burning little by little. I don’t know if  its just me but it feels like this job has become so gruesome. Its not like you’re not getting paid for it but it feels like they’re bleeding you dry for what you get. I tell myself its okay because its footing the bill, its keeps you alive but when you look at it you’re not living at all. You’re always drained both physically and mentally when your shift ends.

The company/clients are always trying to find ways to make the customers happy and that’s okay. I wish they’d also do the same for the ones at the frontlines somehow where literally putting those headphones on won’t feel like going to war everytime. We are human not automated system that can be programmed to do the same thing over and over in the same synchronized pattern like you wanted.

What do you think?

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