Politics again on a sales web site.

OK. This is getting weird. So I had gotten that chat a few months ago about knowing that he voted for Trump. Here is the best I can obscure the chat I just had:

DA: Dumbass


DA: Hello

Usual greeting message appears

I joined the chat

DA: I cant set up a registration online with your store after repeat attempts..Advise

Me: I do apologize for the issue. What is the error that you are getting?

He closes the chat and then comes back [This will be important in a moment]

DA: online sign in wont work

DA: i keep getting an error message about Employee e mail address is not valid even though I did not check the Employee Box

ME: I do apologize. We have had that issue today. If you are looking to order you can use the guest account option from the cart.

DA I know that. I just wanted to register but have not been able to.

DA: you are useless

ME: Again, I do apologize that we are having an issue with creating accounts. I do not have a time frame when it will be corrected.

DA: you have a terrible website compared to most electronics online stores.

DA: you dont even have a box to click to end the chat. What Clowns. Must be Democrats

I left the chat at this point as he indicated he couldn’t figure out how to close the chat he closed before. The issue I found out later is because if you use autofill on Chrome, your email will enter into a hidden field for the employee only accounts. But to be honest, I just did not feel like helping his dumb ass out.

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