His wife left him on Christmas eve

I used to work taking inbound calls for a bank. This is one of the saddest and most definitely the longest call I’ve ever take, I got this call on December 24th 2016.

Me: Yours truly

C: Customer

Me: Thank you for calling *Bank’s name* this is LadyNoir93, may I have your first and last name please.

C: Hi LadyNoir93. I’m Customer. Can you help me take out my wife from my account? It’s my account but she has a copy of my card, is it possible to just take her out?

His speech was slurred. I suspected he was drunk.

Me: Hi Mr Customer. If you are the primary card holder and your wife is the authorized user, then yes it is possible to remove her anytime you want.

C: Good, I want to do that.

Me: May you give your full sixteen digits credit card number?

C: The number is xxxx-xx… sorry I mean is xxxx-xxxx-x… sorry. Ok I’m too drunk for this. I’ll call you back tomorrow.

Ha! I knew he was drunk.

Me: It’s ok sir. We’ are open 24/7, you can call us back in a more convenient time and we’ll be happy to assist you.

C: I know, is just that I wanted to cancel the card ASAP because she left me you know? She’s fucking her friend and she fucking left me today.


Me: I’m really sorry to hear that sir. (That’s my script but I did felt sorry for the dude).

C: Yeah, so I wanted to take her from my card because I can’t stand the idea of her using my credit card with him.

Me: I totally understand your concern sir, you can call us back…

C: Why would she do that? She left me on christmas eve? Who does that? My dad passed away earlier this year, and now she left me. I’ll be alone in Christmas.

My heart ached for the dude. But he didn’t seem to be waiting for a response. He just kept rambling and rambling about his wife and how he loved her but she left him.

I listened to him for about 15 minutes, before calling my supervisor and asking what should I do since there was nothing I could help the customer with, but he wouldn’t stop talking.

My supervisor told me that usually he’d advice me to disconect the call, but heck it was Christmas eve and there was no queue. So if I wanted to keep listening to him I could.

I didn’t disconnect the call but to be honest I stopped paying him any attention. I let the guy ramble with my mic in mute while I talked with my team mates. He legit talked for 2.5 hours, without me saying anything besides a couple of standar comfort phrases every once in a while. After talking for 2.5 hours he thanked for my time and disconnected the call.

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