A goof up on my end, but Jesus Christ.

So, today at work, I was updating the customer’s debit card on file that was set up on a recurring payment and of course, because she was rushing me telling me she needed to get this done because she was busy, (why the hell did you call then?), I didn’t notice the most important thing which was that the payment was scheduled for today and had taken the payment from the previous card.

So of course, when I updated the card, the system automatically assumed “Hey, new card!” And drafted another payment.

So at that point in the conversation, she noticed that transaction and advised the customer due to the system and me updating the card, it did do draft it however once it wasn’t in the settled status, we could issue that refund and of course, 7-10 business days until the funds returned however some Banks don’t even take that long.

At that point everything was clear, or so I thought… Right?


She calls back with another rep who’s in customer service and literally blew up at her.

C: Yeah, hoodmouse1 fucked up and because of that, I want my money back NOW. TODAY.

R: Ma’am, I do apologize but it was something that was due to the system’s set up, as soon as it clears, we can issue that refund immediately.

C: I don’t give a fuck, I want my money now.

Asks for a supervisor then she hangs up.

Today was a very frustrating day, and it just got to me. I try not to make mistakes, but this one really upset me. It may also be the fact that I’m sort of fed up with dealing with this environment and people.

Like fuck man, why can’t people be less fucking rude?

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