I don’t like this contract

This was from a while back. Just like it says, this guy didn’t like the contract sent to him. I’m only in accounting, but he got dumped on me after being transferred a few times.

Caller: You are the 4th person I’ve talked to! I need to talk to someone about this contract but every time I get sent to that department it’s just voicemail! I need to talk to someone not a machine.

Me: Well, I’ll email someone and see if they can take your call, but they may be unavailable right now. Did you leave a message?

C: No, this is too much for voicemail.

Me: Ok. If I can’t find anyone to take the call I can give them your name and number?

C: I just don’t like this contract! I don’t want to sign it, there’s too many sections. It doesn’t feel right to me.

Me: That’s definitely something to discuss with them. I’m just in accounting, I wouldn’t want to give you incorrect information. I do know you don’t have to sign anything you’re not comfortable with, we would love to work with you but there’s no obligation here.

C: Not you guys! I’m happy with you but this is from (Sister Company). There are so many pages!

Me: facepalm That’s our sister company, we do work together but we are still pretty separate, you’d be much better off talking to them about their contract.

C: Yeah but why do I have to have a contract with them, too?

Me: You don’t.

C: Oh! So it’s okay with your company if I don’t sign this?

Me: It’s not our decision to make for you, sir.

C: Cause there’s just so many fees for a bunch of different things and stuff I don’t want to be liable for. There’s like five pages!

Me: I see. I’ve never seen it, I think you should give them a call if you’re concerned. Maybe they can put you a bit more at ease with it or maybe it’s not for you. Either way, we’re no experts on their terms and conditions.

C: I just want to make sure nothing will happen if I don’t sign his.

Me: We aren’t going to make you sign it, sir.

C: Can I talk to contracts?

Me: Sure. sends to voicemail

Man, a whole 5 page contract. Must be some shady stuff in there, better call a different company and make sure they won’t get mad and punish me if I don’t sign it!

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