Wrong number

Transcript of a call I received recently:

Me: Hello, you’re through to troygirl at Energy Company, how can we help you today?

Caller: Hello madam, madam, I’ve just had a slight problem about 11 O Clock; I went into the dentist with a toothache, yeah, and the thing about it is that I thought the lady was gonna fill my tooth. She didn’t say nothing to me, but she pulled my tooth!

Me: Okay, I –

Caller: (interrupting) When she pulled it she said [incomprehensible]. I still have the tooth. It ain’t in that bad of a condition, it wasn’t a wobbly tooth, it was in my mouth and it wasn’t wobbly!

Me: Sir, I –

Caller: (interrupting again) I didn’t go there for that tooth, because if it was a wobbly tooth I would have known that. She’s pulled out a healthy tooth out of my mouth when I don’t have many teeth and I’m trying to preserve them!

Me: Of course, I can understand you would be frustrated if she’s pulled your tooth when you’ve not given permission, but I’m going to have to find you a different number because I think you’ve come through to the wrong place… Which company were you trying to get ahold of today?

Caller: I just need medical advice madam.

Me: (Googling relevant numbers) So are you trying to make a complaint about the dentist?

Caller: I just wanted to get some advice. I don’t want to be blacklisted and all this, [incomprehensible] it was just a surprise for me, you know?

Me: Okay, I understand. So you’ve come through to a gas and electricity supply company, therefore I can’t give you advice about your dentistry, but I have found the correct number for you… (proceeds to give correct details).

Caller: (cool as a cucumber) Thank you madam, really thank you so much madam, I just want to know what to do about my tooth.

Me: No problem, I hope you find a resolution…

TLDR; Man with unfortunate teeth doesn’t want gas or electricity.

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