"Wow that sounds like a great plan!"

I used to work in credit card activations and I also sold the banks credit card insurance to clients who’ve called in. I’ve posted before about some of my more, lets say interesting calls but I consider this one to be the most memorable call I ever did. This is going to be the one that sticks with me years to come. This story took place on Easter Sunday, I promise that will be relavent in a bit.

So client calls in and I get her information and ask her the security questions, all basic stuff and its over with easily. I’m about to transition into the sales pitch for the insurance plan, but before that I take a couple minutes to build rapport. Contrary to the popular opinion around these parts I actually really like building rapport, I like to make jokes on the phone and sometimes I get someone who jokes back and we have a little bit of fun. This was one such occasion

Me: Thanks for calling (bank name) I hope you have an eggcellent Easter!

Client: Thanks! you have a hoppy one yourself. Hope your not spending the whole day at work that would suck.

Me: Haha don’t worry I’m not going to let my family hog all the chocolate to themselves.

From here I transition into the sales pitch. She listens quietly and waits for me to finish. When I get to the end and ask for the sale, she said this:

Client: Wow! That sounds like a great plan. I wish I knew about it before I got cancer.

I’ve never felt so deflated in my life. Not just because I definitely wasn’t going to get the sale but I actually really liked this woman and she was actually really young, in her early twenties. Anyway I didn’t want to be the asshole who tried to sell her insurance she can’t use so I wished her the best and closed the call. Its been months and I still think about her from time to time, I really hope she’s OK.

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